Courtney Love & White Miles @ Manchester Academy 13th May 2014

Having searched the internet high and low,to no avail, trying to find out who Courtney’s support act was going to be, I was preparing myself for a very mediocre support band.

At the box office, I found out that the support band was Austrian rock duo White Miles.


The duo is composed by vocalist/guitarist Medina Rekic and drummer/vocalist Hansjörg Loferer (Lofi). They describe themselves as a ”dirty pole dance stoner blues rock duo” and much to my liking, that is exactly what they are!

Starting their show at bang on 7:30, and wearing little more than a jean vest and a bra, Medina introduced the band and their debut album Job: Genius Diagnose: Madness.

They had a punk rock feel to their music, and coupled with Medina’s voice that was reminiscent of Joan Jett’s, it gave for a  great dirty, groovy, rock set. They were entertaining and upbeat, and the crowd started joining in with the songs, especially during Do What The Devil Says.

They are one of few support bands that I have actually enjoyed as a band in their own right, and not just stood through their set politely waiting for the main band to come on. They were a nice surprise.


On to the main act; Courtney Love walked out in a black kimono with an e-cig hanging from her neck, and the crowd screamed.

I forgot to mention, that the crowd was made up by 90% women and only 10% men. Never have I been to a concert with so many women!

Kicking off with one of her newer singles, Wedding Day, she set the mood for the rest of the show.

Her set was mainly composed of Hole songs, which we all know and love, and with the rumours of a Hole reunion on the horizon, classics such as Malibu, Celebrity Skin, Asking For It & Awful were the best received and most anticipated by the crowd.

She threw a couple of covers into the mix, including K’s Choice’s Not An Addict, which she said she wished she had written, and Leonard Cohen’s Take This Longing during the acoustic part of her encore.

Letter To God was dedicated to ”All the fat girls, goths, faggots, chavs who live on council estates and all the underdogs”, and after a moving rendition, she explained that the song was written by the same person who wrote Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful (Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes), and that she actually asked for the song Beautiful, but was told that she would ‘‘take it to number 1 in an alternative way, and it was intended to be a softer, more commercial success song”. She then said, ”And speaking of anorexics” and dove straight into the song Skinny Little Bitch, which woke everyone up again.

In between songs she made random requests such as a ”small/medium shot of tequila” or a ”Kleenex, tissue, toilet paper, whatever you call it, I just want to blow my nose” and she kept poking fun at a few  premiership footballer’s who were rumoured to be in the crowd. She also put on a strong Northern/Mancunian accent at various stages throughout the show, at one point making fun of herself saying ”I liked her old stuff. I liked Courtney when she was 26”  before ripping into Celebrity Skin.

Backed by a band of great musicians, including guitarist Ginger Wildheart, she stole the show, and the hearts of many young girls there too, as I heard many of them shouting ”Marry me, Courtney” while gazing at her with a mixture of admiration and lust.

Finishing off with Awful & Doll Parts, the show was a complete success,including witty banter, never knowing what she was going to do or say next and a lot of high energy songs .



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