Cabo de Trafalgar & Tarifa

We truly do live in paradise

                                                                                          Turquoise water, white sandsunshine…

Tómbolo de Trafalgar

Cabo de Trafalgar-12

Cala Isabel photographed from El Faro de Trafalgar

Cabo de Trafalgar-30


El Foso – TarifaTarifa (7)

Playa de Los Lances – Tarifa 
Tarifa (59)

El Foso and Playa de Los Lances Tarifa (15)

El Foso Tarifa (10)

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Freelance Photographer from Gibraltar


    • Beautiful place, you are very luck to be staying there, enjoy all the natural beauty of the place! Great blog too, it’s interesting to see things that are so familiar to me, like oddly shaped lemons, viewed through someone else’s eyes. Keep it up 😉

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