Gabriel Moreno & The Quivering Poets Album Launch in Gibraltar

Gabriel Moreno & The Quivering Poets’ Farewell Belief Album Launch Gibraltar

In the quaint and quirky setting of The Kasbar, people begin to flood in and take their seats in the small and cavern-like venue iluminated by mostly by candles and filled with the smell of wine.

Tonight is the night, Gabriel Moreno & The Quivering Poets are finally releasing their album Farewell Belief in Gabriel’s hometown of Gibraltar.

A rumbling of anticipation fills the air as Gabriel personally meets and greets all his guests, most of whom are childhood friends and fellow musicians.

The room fell quiet as Rebecca Faller entered and kicked off the night with her poetic music.


Accompanying her are her dad, Distopian Dave, and her daughter, Tranquil Trev, and Barbara Bartz (The Quivering Poets’ violinist).

They performed various gleeful anecdotal songs including Conchita Leon, The washing machine blues, Rivers of blood and years & years, which had everyone clapping along and aroused various bouts of laughter. They also played the more sombre Saint Theresa’s at 3, which saw the audience reflect on their own experience dealing with Saint Theresa’s.

All too soon, their set was over and the room hummed with the sound of people discussing what they had just watched and reminiscing over the lyrics.

After a short wait, the band began to take to the stage and the main event got under way.

Farewell Belief is the 2nd album by Gabriel & The Poets, which consist of Gabriel Moreno the bilingual poet on vocals and nylon guitar, Pablo Campos the percussionist, Adam Beattie the multi-instrumentalist on bass, Barbara Bartz violin virtuoso and last but not least Pablo Yupton the instrumentalist and poet on electric guitar.

The first song was one referencing a drunken man in Jerez de la Frontera, a place that Gabriel jokingly said that in the UK  nobody knew where he was talking about, so I feel that he enjoyed having that identification that we all had with his lyrics.

Poetry and music were in symbiotic embrace from the very beginning and the violinist entranced us all with her ethereal playing.

The whole band were in sync and flowing beautifully and Gabriel seized the moment and had everyone captivated by his lyrics and jubilation.

They played such songs as Rosalind, Maggie Magee and Farewell Belief, which had the crowd engaged by clapping along and singing what bits they knew.

The gig was more reminiscent of a pagan wedding or ceremony of some sorts rather than a concert.

After the last song, Gabriel & The Poets received a standing ovation from the crowd which lasted a good few minutes. After an encore pleaded for by the fans, it was all hugs and kisses between the band and the audience and the night ended on a high.









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