One Night Only…The Jazz Club

In the recently refurbished Ragged Staff Magazine, a stunning venue with its high arched ceilings and rugged charm, the 2nd event of the 5th International Jazz Festival is taking place.

Tonight there is a great line up of locals bands including Surianne and Peter Montegriffo (on guitar) but firstly the host for the night Daniel Guerrero introduced local poet David Bentata who opened the night with 3 of his poems.

Then to kick off the night musically is the The Jazz Club House Band featuring Atzuko Shimada, a 3 piece consisting of a piano, drums and stand up bass.

They warmed up the crowd by playing song such as Skylark by Ella Fitzgerald in Bosa-Samba style, All Of Me, My Ideal and even a composition of their own.

Next up, Paul Riley Big Band, they really got the crowd going with an array of guest vocalists including Jamie De La Rosa who wowed the crowd with his rendition of Feeling Good, and the Suzettes provided backing vocals for many of the artists. Other songs covered were ones such as Sway Me More, Afternoon In Paris (Big Band style), Lullaby On Broadway and Frank Sinatra’s New York New York covered by Dennis Beltran.

Following shortly after, Surianne & Peter Montegriffo on guitar took to the stage.

There was a rumbling of conversation going on in the background, but the second Surianne opened her mouth and that surreal and haunting voice came belting out of her, you could hear a pin drop in the venue; the silence of the crowd was deafening.

Peter who accompanied her on guitar is a very well known and talented local musician who has been around for years, and his playing was second to none on the night; he also provided Surianne with backing vocals.

She kicked off the set with She Flies, a beautiful song. Followed by the likes of Confessions, A Place Called Home and Something In Your Eyes.

At the end of the set, she asked the audience if anyone had a harmonica with them, and it just so happened that among the many musicians there that night there was a harmonica player who had his instrument with him. Philip Warne took to the stage and they jammed, to the crowd’s delight, for a while until the set ended.

Apart from being a very lovely and charismatic person off stage, Surianne proved that night that she is one hell of a singer-songwriter and performer on stage!

And the last act of the night was Saxomania which included local radio jazz DJ Raphael Gonzalez. They played a whole array of popular songs beautifully on sax. They were very tight and had the  audience engaged the whole gig and ended the night with a great vibe.




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