The Ace of the Slade Family – Della Slade Live at The Christmas Markets

The Slade family are well known to the music scene in Gibraltar and have been entertaining us with their music for many years.

Now a 3rd generation musician, Della Slade, has proven that the Slade family had yet another ace up their sleeve.

Taking to the stage at the Gibraltar Christmas markets for her first solo performance, she kicked off the night with the song Exxs and Ohhs by Elle King with her Gibson SG 61 re-issue, changing it up for an Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Flyng V later in the set.

Then leaving the guitars behind, she belted out Somebody To Love by Queen, then the more festive Christmas The Whole Year Round by Sabrina Carpenter.

All topped off by a cheeky song Future Husband by Meghan Trainor.

This 12 year old young lady is sure to be on the scene for many years to come with her bluesy voice and guitar playing.


Categories: Concerts


Freelance Photographer from Gibraltar

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