Della Slade – Autism Awareness Day

On a beautiful hot Spring day, I have been invited to watch Della Slade for a second time. Today she is performing for the Triple A Autism charity day.

To start the set with, she picked up her custom Telecaster named ”Dellacaster” in Daphne Blue, a beautiful guitar to say the least, and played Exxes and Ohhs followed by Our Song by Taylor Swift.

After setting down the Dellacaster and grabbing the microphone she began to sing Somebody To Love by Queen, but mid-song a clamour of exited voices erupted from the crowd, and it turned out a newly wed couple had began dancing to Della’s cover of the song, and even bestowed upon her the bride’s bouquet once the song had finished.

She is now officially a wedding singer!

After the bride and groom had gone on their way, Della began singing Let It Go from the film Frozen, although this was a special version; an Autism version. It talked about meltdowns, stigmas and eventual acceptance of oneself.

Picking back up the guitar, this time a Les Paul Less Plus, she rocked out S.Mendes’ Holding Me Back, after which her Dad, Ernest Slade, joined her on stage and took over the guitar duties for a quick song by Bruno Mars called Runaway Baby.

Final guitar of the day, a Squire Strat FSR in Sparkle Blue for the very catchy Stuck Like Glue, following this she took up a Fender Nohea Ukulele for the iconic I’m Your’s by Jason Mraz which was the final song of the day.




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